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Thursday, December 11, 2008

When I'm the Man...

When I'm the Man I want to Be

You'll know that Love and I are tight
By the patience that I show
When I'm stuck behind your car
And you're just driving way too slow

When I'm the Man I want to be

My eyes will turn from hungering
after more things for myself
Plasma HDTV?
I don't need you on my shelf
And while you're at it, Vickie
Keep that Secret to yourself

When I'm the Man I want to be

You won't need what's on my bumper
Or to read my clever shirt
Cuz you won't hear me speaking words
That tear you down or hurt

My mouth will fill your ears
With words that build up and bring trust
And my treadmill will wear out
While my remote's collecting dust

When I'm the Man I want to be

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