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Friday, November 15, 2013

Christmas is Broken

Christmas is broken
It's a holiday fail
The reindeer got mad cow

And Santa's in jail
Let's call on our Savior
For healing we'll pray
So we can all wish Him
A Merry Birthday

Wednesday, March 27, 2013



What did it take to turn your cheek
When all around pronounced you weak?

What did it take to let them rip
Your back to shreds whip after whip?

What did it take to offer grace
When utter fools spat in your face?

What did it take to love the man
Who pounded nails into your hands?

What did it take to hang there nude
Upon a cross for all to view?

What did it take to offer prayer
Forgiving those who placed you there?

What will it take to make me see
That my sins put you on that tree? 

Sunday, January 06, 2013

Who or What Do You Really Worship?

If you are a follower of Jesus, who or what would you say your daily actions show that you worship most?

At Alethia today they talked about how we were made to worship something by design.

I'll be honest and share that I struggle most days to truly worship God by my actions. I'm more gifted at worshiping ME. No, I don't have an altar set up with pictures of me that I bow before - nothing that obvious. But my actions often show I'm focused more on pleasing me than loving God by sacrificing  my free time to serve my wife, my children, or others. When I have free time it often becomes me-time.

That's not always bad as we all need time to ourselves. But God reminded me this morning I need to improve by practicing denying myself. Fore that means the discipline of looking outside myself by giving more of my time and my heart, my energy to my wife and children, loving them better, giving them more of me.

What ways do you need to learn to worship God better by worshiping someone or something less?

What plan will you put into place to improve on the days and weeks to come?