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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Jingle all the way...

Here's some jingles I did recently. The rock one was especially fun as it's the closest I've ever come to imagining I was a rock star (the client wanted a Van Morrison sound-alike). Even though it was for a casino commercial and not for a stadium of my adoring fans - STILL cool! ; )

Return of the VoiceBoy

I'm BACK, BAYBAY! (think George Costanza)

It's been forever since I posted anything to this account, but I'm really focusing on doing more voice over work now so I thought I'd test out Blogger's capabilities. I just learned you can actually upload content here, so I am posting my demo for any and all to hear.

Eventually I'll create a new blog just with my voice over work solely for business purposes but this is just to try it out...

So for anyone curious as to what kinds of voices I can do, enjoy.


Also, I've now added a couple more spots below - one being the Ah-Nold one from the radio station morning shows I did, and the other is my favorite character of all the ones I've created for various commercials so far...

See ya!


OK, so HERE'S the Ah-Nold I promised a long time ago..

This came about when I called in to Peak 95.1's morning show back when I was living in CO Springs - they asked listeners to call in with their best impressions of Arnold Schwarzenegger, (at the time, Arnold was the newly elected Governator of CA). They had listeners call in to vote for the best one, and I won the contest.

This then led to them asking me to call in occasionally just to do impromptu "chats" with them as the Governator. It was a blast doing it. None of this was scripted, so I didn't always come up with the perfect line, but for what it was, I think it turned out pretty well and was fun to do and a good test of my improv abilities...!

Mr. Know-It-All

This is a fun character I created called Mr. Know-It-All. He turned out to be so popular with car dealerships across several states that I ended up doing about 100-150 different spots as him (for about 60 different clients) over a period of a couple of years (some of them may have even aired in your neck of the woods!).

This particular ad was my favorite one, as it was well-written and had some fun interaction with another voice actor...