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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Return of the VoiceBoy

I'm BACK, BAYBAY! (think George Costanza)

It's been forever since I posted anything to this account, but I'm really focusing on doing more voice over work now so I thought I'd test out Blogger's capabilities. I just learned you can actually upload content here, so I am posting my demo for any and all to hear.

Eventually I'll create a new blog just with my voice over work solely for business purposes but this is just to try it out...

So for anyone curious as to what kinds of voices I can do, enjoy.


Also, I've now added a couple more spots below - one being the Ah-Nold one from the radio station morning shows I did, and the other is my favorite character of all the ones I've created for various commercials so far...

See ya!


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