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Thursday, November 17, 2005

They'll know us by our...?

I'm a big fan of singer Derek Webb (formerly of Caedmon's Call). He's got two solo albums out, the 2nd of which, "I See Things Upside Down" I just got yesterday. He does a great job, in my opinion, of challenging the church in our complacency. I wanted to share the lyrics to one of the songs off of his last album, as I think it's a great reminder and challenge to us as Christians to stop being so judgmental, and instead to be about the business of Christ: loving people into His kingdom!

"t-shirts (what we should be known for)
by Derek Webb
they'll know us by the t-shirts that we wear
they'll know us by the way we point and stare
at anyone whose sin looks worse than ours
who cannot hide the scars of this curse that we all bear
they'll know us by our picket lines and signs
they'll know us by the pride we hide behind
like anyone on earth is living right
and isn't that why Jesus died?
not to make us think we're right
when love,love,love is what we should be known for
love, love, love - it's the how and it's the why
we live and breathe and we die
they'll know us by reasons we divide
and how we can't seem to unify
because we've gotta sing songs a certain style
or we'll walk right down that aisle
and just leave 'em all behind
they'll know us by the billboards that we make
just turning God's words to cheap cliches
says "what part of murder don't you understand"
but we hate our fellow man
and point a finger at his grave
they'll know us by the t-shirts that we wear
they'll know us by the way we point and stare
telling 'em their sins are worse than ours
thinking we can hide our scars
beneath these t-shirts that we wear

If you find it easier to judge people than to love them, as I am definitely guilty of at times, I hope these words are an encouragement to you. Christ can transform our hearts and our perceptions of each other, if we continue to seek Him out and ask for His heart and mind for people.
Love in Christ,